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June 4, 2015

Mari Caroline + Scott | A Downtown Greenville Engagement

They met the night that one of her friends and one of his friends got engaged in Alabama.  He’d come in from Texas just to celebrate with them but while everyone was sitting down to dinner, someone jokingly apologized for sitting next to his “future girlfriend”.

Whether that friend was prophetic, simply making a joke, or truly had some insight to what God was up to, she spoke words of truth!  Mari Caroline and Scott started to get to know each other that night and as he drove back home, he couldn’t keep his mind off her.  They spent the next month and a half texting and FaceTiming and simply getting to know each other before Scott was able to come to South Carolina for their first date in downtown Greenville.

They chatted over pork tenderloin at dinner and spent the rest of the evening strolling through the beautiful downtown under the Christmas lights.  She knew then that a gesture this big, flying halfway across the country for a first date, was a big deal and that she would be spending the rest of her life with him.  Scott?  Well, he’d known since the first time he laid eyes on her.

Mari Caroline is the youngest of three girls and all three of them are now Samford alum.  So when her entire family came for her last (and their last!) family weekend, she didn’t think a thing about it.  She was excited to see them and to soak up her time with them.  But I want her to tell the rest of this story in her words…

After driving a crazy route with just my mom and dad (on our way to dinner) we pulled up to this church that overlooked all of Birmingham and my heart started racing because I knew that Scott and I came up here every time he was in town. My mom drove, my dad sat in the backseat and when we pulled up to this spot, my dad got out of the car, opened my door, and asked “Do you love this boy with all of your heart?” To which I responded, “Yes sir, I do.” Then he said “Well, I’m going to need this back,” as he took the promise ring that he had given me as a teenager. I then said, “But, he’s not supposed to be here!” And dad said, “Well then this will be pretty awkward without him!” After walking through several posts with beautiful scriptures posted on them, Scott walked around the corner gave me a big hug. I was still so confused and in awe at the same time. And then we walked to the last post which had Ruth 1:16 printed on it, he said lots of really sweet things then asked me to marry him!!! His whole family had flown in and we got to go to dinner with both of our families and it was so sweet and so perfect!

I am beyond thrilled for these two and their families and can’t wait for their July wedding.  From everything Mari Caroline has told me, it’s going to be stunning!  And after spending an evening with these two, I know it’s going to be a blast!  Thank you guys so much for allowing me to share in this time with you and to capture all of your memories through photos!  Enjoy some of my favorites from their downtown Greenville engagement session…

Their first date was at Soby’s, so that’s where we started their session!

Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-101 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-102 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-103 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-104 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-105 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-106 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-107 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-108

Oh, this one’s a favorite!

Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-109 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-110 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-111 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-112 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-113 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-114 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-115 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-116 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-117 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-118 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-119 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-120 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-121 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-122

Isn’t her ring gorgeous??  The diamonds belonged to Scott’s grandmother and his mom and he had them made into a ring for his bride.

Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-123 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-124 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-125

I love this alleyway for so many reasons.  But this may be a new favorite image in this spot!
You two are amazing!


The thing I love about engagement sessions is getting photos in spots that have meaning to the couple.
This particular swing is special because it’s where they officially became a couple!

Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-127 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-128 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-129 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-130 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-131 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-132 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-133 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-134 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-135

The light, a beautiful weeping willow, and a couple in love. *le sigh*


We wrapped up the session at the fire department because Scott is on track to become a fireman, so it was the perfect way to end the evening!

Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-137 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-138 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-139 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-140 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-141

No one was there when we first arrived, but when the second truck came back, the firemen were so gracious to let us take as many photos as we wanted!  And I’m so glad they did because well, just look at these two!

Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-142 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-144 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-143 Sobys-FireDepartment-Greenville-Engagement-145

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