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Monday Musings

June 8, 2015

Monday Musings | The Bumbo

I’ve always been fascinated by these contraptions.  It’s a rubber seat that’s perfectly hollowed out for a small baby to sit in.  The back of it comes up to exactly where their head/neck can rest on it and it hugs them perfectly so that unless they’re totally rambunctious, they won’t fall over while sitting in it.

In fact, I kind of wish I had one for me… but I digress.

Catherine has a love/hate relationship with hers (as she does with most things these days).  She will be 16 weeks tomorrow and loves sitting up and looking all over the place, whether it’s in our arms or a seat or swing of some sort.  The funniest thing right now is when we hold like that and take her up to a mirror and she looks back and forth between who’s holding her and who’s in the mirror.  You can actually see the wheels turning in her mind trying to figure out what she’s seeing!


Her head is still a little heavy for her some days.  And she still hates tummy time.  But she has the strongest legs of any baby I know… in fact, I have bruises on my upper legs to prove it!  Now, if only she’d work on that upper body strength so that she could rest on her elbows when we put her on her tummy :-)

Happy Monday, everyone!

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