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July 7, 2015

Mary Catherine + Michael | A Botanical Gardens & Lake Hartwell Engagement

They first met the way Ben and I did… by exchanging words typed on a screen.  But she knew from the moment of their first exchange that he cared about his family and was a southern gentleman, two very important qualities for this southern belle!

I met Mary Catherine several years ago through a former roommate and have loved watching her graduate college and then surpass any level of education that I could dream of pursuing!  Let’s just say that she’s way smarter than me by a long shot.  But you would be hard pressed to find a sweeter, kinder, and more loving person than MC.  No matter what’s going on in my life, I feel like she’s always been one of the cheerleaders on the sidelines ready with encouragement, excitement, and a hug when I get to see her in person.  So when I found out that she was engaged, I was anxious to meet Michael… and to make sure that he was a good fit for her!

However, my mind was put at ease the moment I saw him.  He is kind and genuine, easily fits into any situation, and he loves her so much!  His biggest request with their engagement photos was that I focus on his beautiful fiancée and not worry about him at all!  Well, Michael, MC is quite the beauty, but I know she wanted photos of the BOTH of you and how you love each other.  Hopefully I was able to capture both of these things.  I had a blast hanging out with you guys and I can’t wait for your wedding next spring!


Can I just point out how cute and stylish MC is??  My brides are so adorable!

Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-102 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-103 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-104

Tiffany with Palmetto Images Studio did a beautiful job on MC’s hair and makeup!

Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-105 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-106

Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-107 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-108

Michael, you picked out one stunning ring!!


They laugh together… a lot.  And I love it.

Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-110 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-111 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-112

Oh that light!

Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-113 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-114 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-115 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-116 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-117 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-118 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-119 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-120 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-121 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-122 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-123 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-124

Could y’all be any cuter??


I had a lot of fun with her ring and these scrabble tiles!


Couples who trust me and aren’t afraid to get their feet wet make me smile :-)

Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-127 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-128

Oh my goodness, it was such a beautiful day, but ending their session at sunset on the lake was perfection!

Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-129 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-130 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-131 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-132 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-133 Botanical-Garden-Lake-Hartwell-Engagement-134

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