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October 4, 2016

Mary Kathryn + Jamey | A Spartanburg Indigo Hall Wedding

The closer their wedding day got and the more she and I talked, the more excited we both got about their wedding day!  Mary Kathryn and Jamey put so much thought and work into their day, but everything was so organized that once the day arrived, the only thing that happened that wasn’t accounted for was how warm the weather was!

These two were so laid back and relaxed on their wedding day that it exuded to everyone else that was there to spend the day with them.  Smiles and laughter abounded and the only nerves that I saw all day long were in Jamey just before he saw his bride for their first look!  But all of those nerves were wiped away as he soaked her in and they began their wedding day together.

Their black and white black tie wedding was one for the books and I’m so excited to share it!  Between Mary Kathryn in her gorgeous gown and Jamey in his white dinner jacket and black bow tie, I have a feeling I’ll be sharing their images for years to come!

Thank you both so much for allowing us to capture your wedding day.  I hope Italy is still treating you well and that you’ve had some extra gelato for me and this baby while you’ve been there ;-)  Congrats again you guys!!

spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-101 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-102 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-103 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-104 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-105 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-106 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-107 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-108 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-109 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-110 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-111 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-112 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-113 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-114 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-115 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-116 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-117 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-118 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-119 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-120

Jamey could not believe his eyes!!

spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-121 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-122 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-123 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-124 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-125 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-126 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-127 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-128 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-129 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-130 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-131

Their dog Duke even got dressed up for the occasion!  How cute is he?!?

spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-132 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-133 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-134 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-135 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-136 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-137

We took a short break inside from the heat, so we took full advantage of this stair case while we were there.

spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-138 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-139

I love this one!!

spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-140 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-141 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-142 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-143 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-144 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-145 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-146 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-147 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-148 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-149 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-150 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-151 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-152 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-153 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-154 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-155 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-156 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-157

Mary Kathryn wanted some time with her parents before the ceremony so we did a First Look with her dad…
and it was the sweetest!!

spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-158 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-159 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-160

And before we all knew it, it was time for the (unplugged) ceremony :-)

spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-161 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-162 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-163 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-164 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-165 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-166 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-167 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-168 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-169 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-170


spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-171 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-172 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-173 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-174 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-175 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-176 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-177 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-178 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-179 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-180 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-181

They say “I love you to the moon and back” to each other, so they had moon pies for their guests to take home with them.

spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-182 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-183 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-184 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-185 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-186 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-187 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-188 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-189 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-190 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-191 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-192 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-193 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-194 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-195 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-196 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-197 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-198 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-199 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-200 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-201 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-202 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-203 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-204 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-205 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-206 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-207 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-208 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-209 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-210 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-211 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-212 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-213 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-214

So many thanks to the talented team of vendors who made Mary Kathryn and Jamey’s wedding so beautiful!

Ceremony & Reception | Indigo Hall
Wedding Dress | Carolina Traditions
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Carolina Traditions

Invitations | Sweet Pea & Powder
Groomsman Suits | Men’s Warehouse
Wedding Director |Vicky Long
Makeup & Hair Artist | Cotton Rouge, Ashley Alford
Bridesmaid’s, Mother of the Bride & Attendant’s Hair Artist | Emma Phipps
Florist | Mill Street Florist
Videographer | Fields Films
DJ | Aaron Greene
Chair Rentals | Event Rentals
Linens and China | Holmes Catering
Catering | Holmes Catering
Cake Artist | Andy’s Cakes

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