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October 3, 2016

We Have a Name!

It seemed so much easier when I was younger to come up with baby names.  Of course I couldn’t be set on them since I didn’t know what my last name would be… or what my future husband might want to name our children either!

It also seemed way easier to name the first one than the second one.  The only stipulations we really had for our baby names were that they also work in French and Spanish (since I speak French and Ben speaks Spanish).  So, that limited us, but not tremendously.

All we knew when we found out it was a girl was that her middle name would be Grace.  God lavishly pours out His grace on us through His Son, even though we don’t deserve it.  And we want our daughter to have that with her for her entire life.  But coming up with a first name to go with it?!?  Holy cow!  We went through all kinds of names, some serious, some a little more funny, but when we landed on Isabella with the potential of calling her Isa (and Catherine calling her Isa), our hearts kind of melted.

So, we’re excited to introduce to you, in all of her (now) 19 week glory, Isabella Grace!


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