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September 28, 2016

Sydney + Koury | A Rock Hill Engagement

They were both working at Chick-fil-A a few years ago and when she was at work, that’s what she was focused on.  But when he began working there shortly after, all he could focus on was how pretty she was.  He didn’t think he had a chance though!  Thankfully he was wrong and after a couple months she saw how wonderful he was… and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

After taking her to dinner for her birthday, Koury took Sydney back to her house where their parents and friends were waiting inside.  He’d picked her up at the front door for their first date so he wanted that spot to also be where he asked her to marry him!  After opening one box, she found another small box that contained the most beautiful ring!  And when Koury got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife, she immediately said yes!

I always encourage my couples to find somewhere for their photos that has meaning to THEM.  So when Sydney suggested the Chick-fil-A where they met, I laughed and said that was perfect!  I’ve taken engagement photos in some interesting places, but this was my first time taking them in a CFA!  But it was so them and will give them tangible memories of the place they first met.


Besides, I was able to take a shot of her ring with waffle fries!!!  Other than chicken, I don’t know what’s more CFA than that :-)

chick-fil-a-engagement-photos-102 chick-fil-a-engagement-photos-103

I asked them how many times they’d changed the letters on this reader board and they just laughed because there’s no way they could count… but this was the first time it would be all for them.

chick-fil-a-engagement-photos-104 chick-fil-a-engagement-photos-105 chick-fil-a-engagement-photos-106

They’re both finishing up their degrees at Winthrop so we went over to campus to finish out their session.  The weather was perfect and the sunset as we were finishing was just beautiful!

winthrop-engagement-photos-107 winthrop-engagement-photos-108

I love how he can make her laugh!

winthrop-engagement-photos-109 winthrop-engagement-photos-110 winthrop-engagement-photos-111 winthrop-engagement-photos-112

Y’all, this is the second spot in two blog posts where you’d NEVER guess you were in the middle of a college campus!  So pretty!

winthrop-engagement-photos-113 winthrop-engagement-photos-114 winthrop-engagement-photos-115 winthrop-engagement-photos-116 winthrop-engagement-photos-117 winthrop-engagement-photos-118 winthrop-engagement-photos-119 winthrop-engagement-photos-120 winthrop-engagement-photos-121 winthrop-engagement-photos-122 winthrop-engagement-photos-123 winthrop-engagement-photos-124 winthrop-engagement-photos-125

I asked them to wrap up in each others arms and her smile grew even more…

winthrop-engagement-photos-126 winthrop-engagement-photos-127 winthrop-engagement-photos-128 winthrop-engagement-photos-129 winthrop-engagement-photos-130 winthrop-engagement-photos-131 winthrop-engagement-photos-132 winthrop-engagement-photos-133 winthrop-engagement-photos-134 winthrop-engagement-photos-135

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