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May 16, 2012

Meredith + Chas | Greenville Wedding Photographer

Meredith started coming to our community group when she was in college.  I don’t know that it was shyness that kept her from opening up, but maybe just a bit of intimidation of being the youngest in our group.  But when she did open up to speak?  Wow.  She spoke words of wisdom that only could come from time spent with God and in the Word.

The first time I met Chas, I was spending time with some high school girls on our Greenville Mission Trip over spring break last year.  He was a teacher and had the week off too so he spent his days driving students to different work sites and spending time with the guys as he was able.

When at a community group dinner at Moe’s one night last summer Meredith mentioned that she and Chas had started dating, it came as a surprise!  But, after listening to her and remembering who each of them were… it made all the sense in the world.  So, when Meredith came by my office at the church one day last December to show me her new bling – I may have screamed :-)

It was such an honor to shoot alongside Kim DeLoach (see her post here) as Meredith and Chas became one on a rainy Friday evening in March. Thank you both for allowing Kim and I to have so much fun working together and capturing your day!  Love you guys!


This was the first wedding I’d been to AND shot since we got married in November… so as I took pictures of the guys it made me think of my own groom and the images we have of him getting ready :-)


I just adore First Looks.


Um, y’all are adorable. End of story!


And goodness… I love our church!


Meredith, don’t kill me for including the image on the right. You crack me up and I just had to include it!


Just beautiful!


The third cutest flower girl ever! :-) (We had two so of course they get 1st and 2nd place)




Um… precious.


Kim was getting pictures of the girls so you’ll have to check out her post for those :-)


Swoon.  Seriously.


Do you see those??  The candy in the third jar from the left??  Those are sour patch watermelons. Now, I’m a chocolate girl, but these?  These make my mouth water.


These are the amazing ladies in my Community Group.  Love them!
Thanks, Kim, for driving my Nikon for a few minutes to get this for us!


Loved Kim’s idea for the ring shot!

  1. Ashley Post says:

    Love these Sabrina!

  2. Carrie Logan says:

    such a sweet couple!! amazing job girl!

  3. Elisha Petree says:

    Woohoo! Beautiful capture’s of an awesome day for them

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