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Monday Musings

December 11, 2017

Monday Musings | 2017 Snow Day

In South Carolina, we rarely see any snow before January.  So getting snow just a couple of weeks before Christmas was such a treat!  Plus, since it came on a Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, it meant that Ben was able to be “snowed in” with us (even though the roads were totally fine and we weren’t actually stuck at home if we didn’t want to be).

Also, this is the second time this year we’ve had snow.  We began the year with some and now ending it with some too… and seeing Catherine in the same coat, hat and gloves (but with rain boots instead of ziplock bags!) reminds us just how much she’s grown this year.

Also, the last time we had snow, Isabella was still inside my huge belly!  It’s amazing what a difference 11 months can make.

Snow-Dec2017 Also, be sure to check out this other post to see how much Catherine has grown!
As you can tell by the photos, she was MUCH more excited about the snow this time around!
Snow-Dec2017-102 Snow-Dec2017-103 Snow-Dec2017-104

Not super close to standing on her own, but gosh, she looks so grown up in these photos!


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