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Monday Musings

January 9, 2017

Monday Musings | Snow Day(s)!

We don’t get a lot of snow in South Carolina, which is why it’s a big deal when we get even a little bit!  And even though I was a little nervous driving back to the upstate from shooting a birth in Columbia after all of the snow had fallen, the roads weren’t bad at all and God completely kept me safe.  In fact, the street where our house is was the worst of all of them!

So, here are a few tid-bits from the weekend:

  • Bread and Milk: the reason it disappears when snow is coming is because French Toast is THE perfect snow day breakfast (or dinner)!
  • On my way home from Columbia Saturday morning, I went to pick up my car from the shop after they’d done some repairs (I was in a rental). But I wasn’t dressed for snow AT ALL.  And in case you were wondering, slip-on Keds are not appropriate shoes for the snow.  Especially when you’re trying to scrape snow off your car and you fall through some thin ice into a puddle and soak your foot.
  • When your daughter’s foot won’t fit into her boots (even though they’re the right size), ziplock bags with rubber bands will work for playing in the snow!
  • We’ve been getting my (almost) weekly baby bump pictures on Saturdays so I was excited to get this week’s photo in the snow!
  • Even snow days on the weekend go slower than any regular day of the week.  I love them!

And because it’s necessary, a few photos of us and our little snow bunny in this year’s snow:

At first, she did NOT love it.  She actually never really warmed up to it, but she did love her Papa pulling her around on the ice!

2017snow_blog-101 2017snow_blog-102

So glad my mom was with us and was able to get this of all 3 of us!

2017snow_blog-103 2017snow_blog-104 2017snow_blog-105

3 generations in the snow!


So thankful for my hubby for getting these photos of our growing Isabella each week.


Oh my goodness… we love her so!

2017snow_blog-107 2017snow_blog-108

It’s also no secret how much I love our backyard… and if I wasn’t 8+ months pregnant, I would have ventured all the way down to the creek.  But, the back deck was as far as I dared go by myself.


But first, a photo of my feet and Isabella :-)


It was just so pretty!!

2017snow_blog-111 2017snow_blog-112

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