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Monday Musings

August 3, 2015

Monday Musings | 202 Mosquito Bites, Obstinate Daughter, & an Hour Early

You are probably wondering what in the world this post is all about from the subject line but I promise that those three things don’t actually have that much to do with each other!

We went to Charleston, SC this past weekend for an engagement shoot that I had on Saturday, which I canNOT wait to share!  And the weekend as a whole was wonderful.  I feel like every trip down to Charleston is so short though!  Even though I was just down there in November for a week, it felt like I hadn’t been there in forever and then before we knew it, the weekend was over.

So what happened that caused this most bizarre blog post title?  Let me share…

  • We took Catherine on her first official road trip! She did so well and aside from a few fussy moments in the hotel room (sorry neighbors!) she slept through the night both nights and for the most part just went with the flow of things!  She even went out to eat with us twice in downtown and once on Sullivan’s Island.  So proud of her!
  • But she wasn’t the Obstinate Daughter… that was the name of the restaurant on Sullivan’s that we went to.  It was SO good and completely worth the drive out to the island.  The only sad thing was that we were planning to take Catherine to see the ocean after lunch, but it was pouring rain when we left.  We at least were able to show her the water from the battery on Sunday afternoon, although she didn’t seem all that impressed ;-)
  • Saturday night I left Ben and Catherine at our hotel and drove into downtown, found a free parking spot and got out to wander a little bit before my couple arrived for their engagement session.  When I texted them where I was right at 5:00pm, she texted me back saying we’d agreed on 6:00pm.  Whoops!  Although, I’m glad I was an hour early instead of an hour late.
  • This extra hour ended up being SO GOOD for me though.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve photographed anything just for me, so having that time to wander down a new street, take my time with some photos, and soak in being alone for an hour was apparently something I didn’t even know I needed!  But, I’ll share more about that later.
  • Once my couple did arrive, we got right to work and it was an amazing two hours!  They were pros in front of my camera in no time and even their dogs did really well with their modeling debut :-)  However, the mosquitos were A-W-F-U-L.  Amy ended up with about 35 bites on each of her legs and when Ben and I counted mine last night?  Well, we came up with 202.  Yes, TWO HUNDRED mosquito bites are currently on my legs and itching like crazy.  So, I’m not sure if I’ll actually have legs by the end of the week.  Ben has threatened to duct tape oven mitts to my hands to keep me from scratching and I’m starting to think that’s not such a bad idea…

So, even though I look like I have the chicken pox on my legs, it was 100% worth it for the photos that came out of that 3 hour time span.  Had I not had time to wander on my own, this little gem of a spot would have stayed hidden from me for who knows how long!


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