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Monday Musings

April 11, 2016

Monday Musings | A Hacked Blog

You may have noticed that it’s been a solid week since I last posted.  It’s true that I was intentionally taking some time away from the blog and only posting when I had something substantial to share.  But what I wasn’t expecting was for my husband to find out that my blog had been hacked and that I’d need to go through that crazy process to secure it again!

Thankfully, Go Daddy (who hosts this little corner of the internet) was amazing and SO helpful.  It did take two phone calls, but not very much waiting time at all before I was able to talk to someone.  And everyone I spoke with was so helpful and kind.  Really, if it were just me trying to do this all on my own, we’d probably have a brand new blog in another corner of the internet… but no one would probably see it for months because of it being the beginning of wedding season!

But since Go Daddy was so much help, the blog is now spic and span again.  Which is wonderful because there are lots of good and fun things to share!!

Thank you all so much for being concerned and willing to help!  It’s so reassuring to know that 1) people do indeed see my posts on Instagram and Facebook and 2) that so many people still want to help when and if they can.  So thank you :-)

I had a beautifully fun wedding on Saturday and here’s a quick peek at the flowers… can’t wait to share more on Thursday!


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