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Monday Musings

May 11, 2015

Monday Musings | A Little of Everything

One of my favorite things about Catherine and her age right now is how sweet and genuine her smiles and coos are.  Seriously, they’re some of the most precious things. And this last week, she actually laughed a little for the first time!  Best. Sound. Ever.

But this whole post isn’t about her… not all of it anyway :-)  It’s a bullet point kind of Monday so here are a few things from the past week.

  • I’ve cut out dairy to see if that helps Catherine’s tummy when she eats, which means no wedding cake for me at weddings.  It’s really sad (but better for dropping this baby weight!).  Anyway, I’ve discovered the vegan cookies at Whole Foods are DELICIOUS!  The vegan cupcakes however are not.
  • Ben and I went on our first date since Catherine was born on Friday night to see Furious 7 and it was SO good!  I started watching the movies when Ben and I began dating so it was fun to go see the last one with him on our first night out without the baby :-)
  • I just sent my first wedding off to Photographer’s Edit for them to edit instead of me sitting behind the computer editing for hours on end.  And I’m a little giddy with the prospect of adding that into my workflow!  Eek!
  • We’ve already shot two gorgeous weddings this year and if it’s any indication of what the whole of 2015 will look like, I can’t wait!
  • Ben stayed with Catherine on Saturday while I went to second shoot a wedding with a friend and two beautiful things happened while I was gone.  1-Ben helped her buy and write in my first ever Mother’s Day card, which I found in her crib Sunday morning when I went to get her up (Ben had just put it there, so it wasn’t there all night, don’t worry).  And I definitely cried because it was SO sweet.  2-Her smiles after I’ve been gone from her for the day are THE sweetest smiles you’ve ever seen.  I love it!
  • And!  Pitch Perfect 2 comes out this week!!!!  Seriously so excited!

I took a few random photos before our date Friday night and this was one of them.  Doesn’t she just melt your heart??


Happy Monday!

  1. Dayna says:

    She is seriously the cutest!! Also, if the dairy doesnt help as much as you’d like/expect it to consider what greens you are eating. For some reason I could not eat green beans or lettuce while nursing Nora. I imagine life would have been easier with Maggie if I’d realized that back then. Once I cut them out Nora’s gas issues improved significantly.

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