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Monday Musings

September 8, 2015

Monday Musings | A Tuesday Edition

I think the way this week is going to “feel” was destined to be off from the get-go.  First, our wedding this weekend was on Sunday, which isn’t a big deal, except that the second reason is that Monday was a holiday.  So, even more so, that made me think today was Monday most of this morning!  And I have a feeling that I’m going to struggle more than usual with what day of the week it is each morning when I wake up.

This weekend was wonderful and I thought I’d share some of it with you through a short bullet proof kind of list… because let’s face it, lists are fun, they’re easy, and it might keep me from rambling on for too long ;-)

  • Friday afternoon I drove to Columbia for an engagement session at the zoo.  Well, it was actually in the botanical gardens AT the zoo, but oh my word, it was such a beautiful setting!!  The mosquitos were out in full force, but not nearly as bad as they were in Charleston about a month ago.
  • On the way there and the way back it rained.  A LOT.  Thankfully, there wasn’t a drop that fell on us during the session so even though it was hot, we weren’t soaking wet!  My drive home was a little scary since there were a couple of times I couldn’t see a foot in front of me, but thankfully there weren’t too many cars on the road and I made it home in one piece.
  • Audio books are my best friend on trips like that.  The one I’m currently listening to now is titled Amy Snow and is being ready by a woman with a lovely British accent.  That alone makes me wish (for the millionth time in my life) that I also had a lovely accent and could get away with saying words like “lovely” on a more regular basis.
  • Saturday I was able to watch the Clemson game at my mom’s house and introduce Catherine to college football!  She finally was able to see why we’ve been practicing counting and spelling out Clemson for the past couple of months :-)  And while I’m sure she was throughly enjoying the game, she was snoozing by halftime ;-)
  • Remember the crazy rain on Friday?  Well, I think the rain that was being predicted for the entire weekend came all at once that night because there was ZERO rain on Sunday for our outdoor wedding downtown!  Everyone kept commenting how beautiful the day turned out to be and we couldn’t have agreed more!
  • The wedding took place in one of my favorite spots in downtown Greenville… I’ve taken engagement photos in that spot, anniversary photos, First Look photos and we even had some of our own wedding photos taken there.  And I didn’t realize until this particular bride told me it was where their ceremony would be that you could even have your wedding there!  I love it and can’t wait to share their wedding with you later this week.
  • Catherine usually wakes me up between 6:30-7am most days.  And since she hasn’t grasped the concept of sleeping in on the weekends or holidays yet, yesterday was no different… except that when I put her back down around 8am for her morning nap, I went back to bed too.  And do you know when Ben woke up and then woke me up?  11am!!!  You guys, it was amazing!  I hadn’t shot a wedding since the end of July and it seems we were a little wiped from getting back into the swing of things.  But that’s ok because yesterday was a holiday so we took full advantage… including getting a couple of things done around the house!

There are lots of fun things coming to the blog soon, but until then, I had to show you this from the botanical gardens on Friday.  Thankfully there were other, more beautiful, creatures in the gardens than just mosquitos!


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