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September 4, 2015

Susie + Luke | Greenville Destination Engagement

They’re the adventurous type… The type who reach out to an acquaintance on the chance there might be something there.  The type who go on long hikes for their first date and end up spending the entire day together.  The type who take a trip to Italy and get engaged overlooking Lago Di Garda in northern Italy.  The type who will have a destination wedding in the mountains of South Carolina and then honeymoon on the other side of the world!

They first met when they were in a wedding together 5 years ago.  Her best friend was getting married to his cousin and although the timing wasn’t right, it was what led to them meeting up again 2 years later when everything was ready to fall into place.  He reached out to her on Facebook and they started talking again.  After a first date, he hurt his ankle and posted a question about it, to which she quickly responded and reminded him that she’s a physical therapist.  While it may have been a good excuse to see him again so soon, it all worked out because they’ve been inseparable ever since!

These two were down from Chicago last weekend tying up some wedding details before their big day next month and thankfully it worked out for us to do their engagement session early Saturday morning!  The sun never really seemed to poke out, but it was still beautiful, especially when Susie smiled.  Her face actually lights up when she’s with Luke and I loved spending the morning with them!

Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-101 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-102 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-103 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-104

A sunrise engagement session just isn’t complete without coffee in hand.

Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-105 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-106 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-107 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-108

Susie, you are a timeless beauty.

Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-109 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-110

I know this was on the blog earlier this week, but it’s my favorite!

Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-111 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-112 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-113 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-114 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-115 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-116 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-117 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-118 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-119 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-120 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-121

You wouldn’t believe the number of people that kept passing us on the bridge!  Thankfully these two are very patient and it was worth waiting out the crowd at some points and other times just adjusting my angle to get some of these shots.

Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-122 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-123

When a couple is looking at each other like this, you can bet anything I’m smiling with them behind my camera :-)

Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-124 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-125

Luke lived in Greenville for a time and would walk his dog around this lake often… so it was the perfect spot to capture some of their adventurous side and to wrap up our morning.

Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-126 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-127 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-128 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-129 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-130 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-131 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-132 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-133 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-134 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-135 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-136 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-137 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-138 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-139 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-140 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-141 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-142 Greenville-destination-engagement-photos-143

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