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Monday Musings

October 28, 2013

Monday Musings | Birthday Weekend

Ben says that I say this every year, but I think I just enjoy it so much that I really am telling the truth… but this was the best birthday weekend ever!  I’ve always loved my birthday, but my mom and Ben (and other friends and family!) always do such an amazing job of making me feel loved.

The only down side is the aging part!  Each time I think about how old I just turned, my throat closes up just a bit and I start to get a little dizzy.  How in the world am I 34 years old??  How did I make it to – gulp – my MID-thirties?!?!  Especially when some days I still feel like I’m about 16… Even just yesterday I had a moment when Ben and I were in the kitchen and the thought crossed my mind, “We aren’t old enough to be married!  What are we doing??”  And then I remembered that yes, we are old enough.  We aren’t 13 years old.  We’re adults.  Whew!  It gets exhausting remember how old I am and the responsibilities that I have now and that I’ve been alive for more than 3 decades…

But what it also brings is freedom – to be silly, to have fun, to dream about the future… as we were leaving church yesterday and singing some rhythm that Ben had stuck in his head, I just started laughing because I don’t plan on stopping the silliness.  And our kids are going to be MORTIFIED to be around us some days!  And it will be fabulous :-)

Along with that silliness came the idea to have a birthday party at one of the new trampoline gyms in town.  Ever since I saw a photo of a friend at one out in Iowa earlier this year, I’ve been dying to go!  So why not act like a kid and have a party at a trampoline gym??  It’s good exercise and y’all… seriously… it’s SO. MUCH. FUN!  I was scared to get too crazy because we were shooting a wedding the next day and I was terrified that we were going to break something in our bodies and not be able to be in top shape for a wedding day.  So, as I was attempting to do a flip, it actually turned into a somersault.  Annnnd… Ben has proof because he had his GoPro video camera attached to his head.  And he showed me that clip last night. And it’s crazy embarrassing.  And hilarious all at the same time.  And yes, I promise to post it once he has it edited.  I’m not ashamed! (please refer to comment above about the freedom that comes with age to act super silly)

So, to recap the weekend, here’s an Instagram view of it…

The last photo in the second row is of the photos that friends and family sent me inside of birthday cards last week. It was so much fun to open those and see memories and adventures and people I love… from their point of view!

ALSO!!  I want to thank everyone for participating in the giveaways last week.  I adore each of those companies and what they do for people around the world.  And I’m super excited to announce the winner of the pair of TOMS from Friday’s giveaway… Katie W.!!!  I’ll be in touch soon :-)

Happy Monday, everyone!

  1. katie says:

    WOOOOOO!!!!!! YAY! I hope your birthday truly and wonderfully amazing, it looks like it was! And 34 is not old!

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