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October 29, 2013

Virginia + Patrick | McKinney Chapel Wedding

Only a couple of months after she was born, Virginia played her first big part.  She was the first live baby Jesus in the Nativity play at McKinney Chapel in Sunset, SC.  And yes, it’s as small and quaint and perfect as it sounds.  Now fast forward to this past Christmas where Virginia was playing a new part in the Nativity… as Mary, the wife of Joseph.  And no other but her own fiancé, Patrick, was playing that part beside her.

So as you can imagine, their two very sweet and sentimental mothers thought this chapel would be the perfect location for them to play a new part, the part where they were the bride and groom.  The only difference is that they would be playing themselves and saying lines that they wrote themselves as they vowed to love and cherish one another for the rest of their lives.

Virginia and Patrick, thank you for welcoming us into your story, your adventure, your real life play.  Your entire family welcomed us with open arms, lots of stories, and we felt like we were saying bye to our own family at the end of the night.  Last Saturday’s perfect fall day could not have been more fitting of a scene to begin this part of your love story.  I hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon in the mountains and that your first week as husband and wife is as full of love and life as you two are.

Much love, Sabrina

 There was just enough color in the trees to set the dress apart.  The bit of color was also perfect for the rest of Virginia’s details!

These shoes?  These gorgeous lace shoes?  They were her mom’s that she wore on her own wedding day.  Swoon…

And the veil?  Also her mother’s.

The sweetness of Patrick’s gift made all of us tear up as Virginia opened it.

I’m beginning to love these father/daughter First Looks!

Their relationship is SO sweet.


And the flowers?  The gorgeous flowers were done by a family friend.  None other than the one who Virginia was a flower girl for when she got married!

Y’all know how much I love First Looks… especially when they’re as sweet as this.

Deep breath…

Love it…

Ben, you steal my heart each time I find treasures like this in your images.  Virginia… you are GORGEOUS and your laughter is infectious.

Oh you two…

I’m not sure what I love more… Virginia’s laugh or the look on Patrick’s face!

These guys and girls?  Awesome wedding party!

Y’all… I’m a HUGE fan of the grey suit trend that’s happening right now.  Love them.

A splash of purple argyle socks don’t hurt either!

They’re brothers. And I think I asked them to pick on Patrick to get him to smile. And while I have no idea what was actually said, it totally worked.

Oh this place… these people… this weather… this LIGHT!

I’m not sure which of the following should be on a canvas, but it must be a large one!  I’m thinking 30×40 you guys :-)

This one?  It kind of makes my heart stop.

This one that Ben caught literally made me stop in my tracks as I was editing.  Oh my heavens.

McKinney Chapel was about 5 minutes down the road and it’s as small and old as it looks.  Which means it’s simply amazing.

Tears were already flowing by the time the girls walked up the steps.

BOTH of their dads performed the ceremony, which made it that much more sweet and sentimental.

Patrick has been wanting to wear his ring ever since they purchased them… so it was finally Virginia’s turn to “put a ring on it!”


Y’all are amazing…

We were getting ready to leave for the reception and it was getting cooler so when Virginia pulled out her orange pea coat, I needed just a few more shots!

Thanks to Upstate Fireworks for providing the sparklers with such short notice!!

The toasts were sweet…


And quite short and hilarious!

Love this father/daughter dance photo!

After dinner is when the party got started!

I posted about this on Instagram, but I just wanted to say thanks to Virginia for being SO sweet and remembering my birthday on HER wedding day!!
I’ve also never been more thankful to share my birthday with someone so that I wasn’t out there alone :-)

Congrats again, you two!

Ceremony | McKinny Chapel
Reception | Porter’s Chapel United Methodist
Dress | David’s Bridal Signature Collection
Bridesmaids | David’s Bridal
Groomsmen | Macy’s
Flowers | Kay Campbell, family friend
Wedding Cake | Publix
Catering | Ruby Tuesday
DJ | Ric Larson, ProsOnly Entertainment

  1. Barbara Center says:

    Oh! My! Goodness! I am crying as I write this! Looking at these beautiful photos makes me feel like I am there with you! They are so beautiful! I love Virginia’s laughter in each photo and the way you captured every special moment. Congratulations Patrick and Virginia!

  2. Schmalz says:

    Thank you for sharing the pictures. Congratulations guys.

  3. Kilinski says:

    Congratulations to both of you.Hard to believe Bug is married now…known her since she was born. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Unexpectedly teary-eyed as predicted…..

    Incredible experience from soup to nuts you all!!!

    Chuck and Eileen, you are beautiful and we love you.

    Wonderful photography as well.

    May your lives be blessed as you grow into each other Virginia and Patrick.
    DW & Anne

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