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Monday Musings

December 15, 2014

Monday Musings | Nesting and the Hobbit

I don’t think I’ve actually hit the nesting phase yet.  But I’m really hoping it comes soon because we still have a ton to do before baby Catherine gets here!  I did get started on the boxes that are currently still hanging out in her nursery thought.  Mind you, most of these boxes have been sitting in my attic for the last 5.5 years and most of them contain stuff from when I was little until college!  I’m embarrassed at how much stuff I still have from those years (let’s not even get into how many magazines/articles/etc. that I threw away that had anything to do with Clay Aiken……. #totallyembarrassed) but I’m making progress!  I have a huge box of things going to Goodwill, a box of things to throw away and everything else will get consolidated into as few boxes as possible.

So, for those asking how the nursery is coming or if it’s ready… it’s only just become a “work in progress”.  And I promise to post pictures as soon as it doesn’t scare me to look in there ;-)

So what does The Hobbit have to do with anything?  Well… the final installment of the trilogy (which really shouldn’t have been broken into three films to begin with) comes out this week.  But we’re getting to see it today!!  Not only that, but we’re going to see it on the IMAX.  AND, we’re going to watch all three movies in a row at the theater!  Be found out a couple of weeks ago that they were going to be doing this today and asked if I wanted to go.  I feel like we need to take full advantage of stuff like this before we have to start looking for a babysitter.  And when he told me that they were offering a large drink and large popcorn for $7 (which includes a free refill on each), how could I say no to that??

I’ll be the one in the theater with my pillow and blanket.  But really, if we’re going to be there for 9 hours, can you blame me?

And because every post is better with a photo, I have to show you guys the adorableness my mom has been collecting for Catherine for the last couple of years… long before we even knew when a baby would be coming!  She’s going to be a world traveler, this one :-)  And she’s already prepared!


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