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December 11, 2014

Crossfit Mom

There’s a website called CrossfitMom.com and I’ve been visiting it since before I got pregnant because I wanted to know what was coming.  Well, as much as you CAN know anyway.  I knew that it was possible to keep going to and doing Crossfit while pregnant and everyone from our parents to my doctors to my coaches and other athletes have been SO encouraging during this pregnancy.

I’ve been working out long enough to know too that no matter what, I just feel better if I’m active at least a few days a week – pregnant or not.  And of course I want labor and delivery and recovery to go as well as it possibly can, so hopefully working out now will help when this baby girl decides to make her debut!

But I’ll be honest… it’s not easy.  Going into the gym some days means my ego get smashed.  This summer, I was able to do a strict pull-up without any assistance.  I’m now back to using bands and kipping in order to get my chin over the bar.  I’ve had to go from regular push-ups to push-ups from my knees because my sciatic nerve pinches and shoots pain up and down BOTH legs after just a few reps.  And when I read that tomorrow’s WOD included cleans, I started to cry because I can’t do a proper clean anymore since baby Catherine has gotten so big.

And I won’t even mention how quickly I get winded because that’s just a normal part of pregnancy (although I honestly feel like I lose my breath more easily walking up the stairs in our house than I do during a WOD!).


One of the coaches took this during today’s workout… It was a 9 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of 12 walking lunges (with a 35lb plate) and 5 burpees.  I lasted 2 rounds with the 35# plate before I started using the 25# plate.  And it’s been a couple months since I could do a burpee, so instead, I stand close to a wall, do a squat, then lean into the wall and push back off of it with my hands (apparently this is a “pregnant burpee”).

Part of me is writing all of this out to realize how ridiculous I sound.  Of course I can’t do most of what I used to be able to do.  I’m growing and nurturing a baby!  And clearly, that is far more amazing than any amount of weight I could clean on any given day.

Besides.  When we started Crossfit over two years ago, there’s NO WAY I could have done 4 walking lunges with any amount of weight over my head, much less 12 of them for several rounds in a 9 minute period.

So here I am again… learning to give myself grace and not to expect perfection.  God has kept me so healthy throughout these last 30 weeks and I’m so thankful that even with the changes my body is going through that I’m still able to workout, shoot weddings, spend time playing, and doing anything else He has planned for me during this pregnancy.

His plans will always be greater than mine… and that even includes my progress at the gym!

  1. mommy says:

    I’m so proud of you Sabrina! You’re the girl! You’re the Mommy!
    You’re our daughter-inlove! We love you!

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