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Monday Musings

April 7, 2014

Monday Musings | Photos at Sunset

I feel like I’m still recovering from being gone last week.  Not to mention that when we go to conferences/retreats like CONNECT, we tend to stay up later than normal because the truth is, we want to hang out!  Most of these friends we only see once, maybe twice, a year (if we’re lucky!) so staying up until 1am is normal.  But holy cow, it wore us out!  We managed to get a good amount of sleep this weekend though, so hopefully we’re caught up.  Or at least close to being caught up!

Y’all know by now that the “golden hour” is my favorite time of day for photos.  It’s actually almost every photographer’s favorite time of day for photos.  The reason being that since the sun is dipping into the horizon, the light that it’s giving off is softer and not as harsh as it is at noon when it’s directly above our heads!  Plus, it’s just more glowy and pretty!  So, the last night of CONNECT, they had scheduled in date night for everyone.  You could dress up if you wanted to or you could wear what you’d had on all day long.  The point of the afternoon/evening was to have some intentional time with your spouse.  We didn’t have tables for two at dinner, but they did change the seating so that no more than 3 couples were at each table.  I love how intentional they were with all of that!

Well, before dinner, it was so pretty and glowy outside and we asked Laura Yang if she would take a couple of photos for us.  The funny thing about asking a photographer to take a “couple of photos” is that it always turns into more.  It’s like we get into our groove and just can’t help but keep going!  I love it.  I also love that I’m not the only one that does this!

I may blog more photos later, or I may just come back and direct to you her blog post that she’s planning to do.  The bottom line is that I’m thankful for glowy golden hour photos and I’m thankful for friends that are super talented!  We have several right here at home and after going to workshops and United and now CONNECT, we have super talented friends around the globe!

Speaking of glowy sunset photos, I am so excited to share Whitney and Jordan’s engagement session at Lake Keowee in a couple of days!!  So get ready!

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