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Monday Musings

April 14, 2014

Monday Musings | Spring is Here… and so are the bees

I looked at our winter coats that have been hanging on the back of some dining room chairs this morning and realized that yes, we can finally put those in the closet to STAY.  The warmer weather is here and as far as I can tell, we won’t be dipping back into temperatures that warrant the use of those coats.  Yay!!

The other thing that reminded me that spring was here was a quick glance at my schedule last week which made me realize I had 5 days in a row of shoots.  Wowzers!  Four of the five were happening primarily because of the weather.  And I can’t blame them!!  It’s beautiful outside!  And as much as I loved shooting our winter wedding back in January, this girl definitely prefers the warmer temperatures.

But do you know what I haven’t realized before?  That this warmer weather brings out the bees in FULL. FORCE.  Oh my heavens.  I should have realized this years ago with the whole pollen thing, but sometimes it’s difficult for me to connect things together.  Before Rebekah’s session the other night, we were headed in one direction to begin her photos but then realized that there weren’t just a few bees buzzing around… there were HUNDREDS.  Y’all.  I’ve never seen so many bees in one place in my entire life.  I should have gotten a picture – my camera was IN my hand.  But that’s how terrified I am of these things!  And trust me, these were the stinging kind.  So we high tailed it out of there walked quickly in the other direction.

Then, on Thursday night, as I was waiting for an engagement session to begin, I decided to check out the swings and enjoy the spring evening.  Until I walked in that direction and realized there were at least a handful of bees in every direction.  Granted, these weren’t the stinging kind.  Just the we-are-big-and-buzz-so-loud-you-can’t-miss-us kind.  So I quickly ran walked in the other direction to wait on my couple to arrive.

Friday night, as I was walking along the waterfront with another engaged couple for their photos, we realized we were all swatting and hitting ourselves quite frequently.  So, we weren’t actually losing our minds.  We were just being attacked “loved on” by no see ums.  Yes, they’re an actual thing.  And whether it was these guys or another bug that got my feet, I woke up the next morning with several bites on my feet that are still itching this morning.

So, as you walk through your Monday and it potentially delivers you some of its normal Monday-ness, if you need a laugh, just imagine me running for my life from the scary bugs of the great outdoors.  If you need me, I’ll be enjoying the comfort of my bug/bee free house today!

Charleston Water Front Sunset Downtown

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