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November 18, 2015

Morgan + Matt | A Downtown Greenville Engagement Session

They’ve known each other since middle school.  Which means they’ve known each other through those awkward years.  They even “dated” for a few days in 8th grade before she broke up with him before history class (there may have been another guy she was interested in…).  Luckily when they remember back to that day, they laugh about the breakup at their lockers, which were above and below each other!

What they are thankful for though is how God walked them through each step of their friendship (including some silly drama in high school) and helped them to realize His plan for them… together.  Once she realized she actually liked Matt and was able to lay everything else aside, they started dating and haven’t looked back since.

Morgan and Matt, I had so much fun wandering through fall leaves and drops of rain with you guys!  I know the long distance is difficult right now, but next summer will be here before you know it and we’ll get to hang all over again… and you won’t have to say goodbye at the end of the night.

Enjoy some of my favorites of these two and their sweet puppy, Cooper!

downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-101 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-102 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-103 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-104 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-105 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-106

How cute is this little house that Morgan and her roommate live in??
The minute I pulled up, I knew I wanted to do photos in the front yard and on the porch.


downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-107 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-108 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-109 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-110 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-111 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-112

You guys! I love this one!

downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-113 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-114 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-115 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-116 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-117

When we headed downtown it was starting to drizzle a bit, but thankfully Morgan and Matt weren’t afraid of getting a little wet.

downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-118 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-119 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-120 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-121 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-122

Oh my gosh, those fall colors make the perfect backdrop!

downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-123 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-124 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-125 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-126

I have no idea who this old bus belongs to, but thank you for parking it on Main St.  Matt, I’m so glad you spotted it!

downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-127 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-128

Oh my gosh, Morgan, you’re adorable!

downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-129 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-130 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-131 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-132 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-133 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-134 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-135 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-136 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-137 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-138

Matt, the details on Morgan’s ring are just stunning.

downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-139 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-140 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-141

Morgan, your smile lights up everything around you…

downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-142 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-143 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-144 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-145 downtown-greenville-fall-engagement-photos-146

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