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August 4, 2014

My Friends Have the Cutest Kids

While I’m not actually doing family/children’s photography anymore, there are some friends who are part of the exception.  When you’ve known each other for as long as some of us have, it’s like their kids might as well be my own actual nieces and nephews.  About a month ago, Kim DeLoach was offering mini sessions to raise money for a friend’s mission trip and she offered the lemonade stand she was using to other photographers to use too!  So, I invited these girls whom I do photos for when I can and oh my heavens… I’m not sure that y’all are ready for the cuteness.

These three?  They’re a mess.  And I couldn’t love them anymore if I tried!


This sweet girl will MELT your heart!  Those eyes get me every time.


Don’t let this adorable red head fool you…
yes, she’s precious and fun and sweet and loving, but she’s a first born and well, we usually just know how things are :-)


These two little girls… holy cow, I could write a book on how special each one of them is and how I love watching their personalities grow!  Love them!


Oh gosh, I’m almost in tears at this point.  These sweet twins brought a flood of tears the first time I held them and they just turned ONE last month!!
They are so different but so amazingly precious and lovable and fun and each time I see them I want to take them home with me!


Oh goodness, these kids!  That sweet boy on the left and his older sister pick on each other all the time, but when it comes to their little cousin, they both melt and love her like crazy!  And that adorable girl on the right is the oldest of our Clemsongang kids… I can’t believe how fast time has gone by.


And this one?  Well, we just did his pictures this weekend and he turns 2 at the end of the month… and I just have two words… Future Heartbreaker!


Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope all of this cuteness helps brighten your day!

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