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August 16, 2017

Our Niece’s Quinceañera

My husband was born and raised as a missionary kid in Paraguay, South America.  And one of my favorite stories is how his friend Arnaldo told 11 year old Ben that he liked his sister, Shellie.  Arnaldo wasn’t much older than Ben at the time and I’m pretty sure Ben’s response was simply, “Cool!”

They actually have a really sweet story, but this post is about their oldest daughter, Mikeila, who just turned 15 this past Friday and celebrated her quinceañera!  Since Arnaldo is Paraguayan and Shellie was raised there as well, it made perfect sense for Mikeila to celebrate this milestone birthday… beautiful ruffled dress and all!

Mikeila, you have grown into such a thoughtful, genuine, kind, loving, godly young woman… all of which makes you even more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside.  I’m so thankful our daughters have such incredible cousins to look up to as they grown up!  Thank you for letting us celebrate with you this past Friday and for letting me take your portraits a couple weeks ago.  It was so hard for me to choose my favorites for your blog post!


This is the one (below) that they chose for her portrait to have on display at the party!
I just love it!

Mikeila-102 Mikeila-103 Mikeila-104 Mikeila-105 Mikeila-106 Mikeila-107 Mikeila-108 Mikeila-109 Mikeila-110

Doesn’t she look like a fairy tale princess?!?

Mikeila-111 Mikeila-112 Mikeila-113

Happy 15th birthday again, Mikeila!!  We love you!

  1. Mommy says:

    Yes she does look like a fairy tale princess. We were so thankful that Arnaldo livestreamed the service Friday. Your pictures are so good. Thank you for being there for her on this very special day.

  2. Lana Minnick says:

    Beautiful young lady and love the dress

  3. Rache says:

    You’re so gorgeous Mikeila!! We’re so thankful for you and how God had grown you these past few years!!

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