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August 3, 2017

Paris Film Update


Some friends have applauded my will power.  Ben respects that I want to just soak it all in.  But now that my scans are in and sitting ON MY COMPUTER, I’m waiting until I have the proofs from the lab before I look at them.  And part of me thinks I’m absolutely crazy.

However, Paris is meant to be enjoyed at a slow pace, not rushed through hopping from one monument to the next.  And since I’m always in a state of wanting to stop and soak in the sights, the sounds and the feeling I get when I’m in Paris, I’m waiting to see what I captured on film until I can tangibly hold those photos in my hands.

Which means I probably have another two weeks at the minimum before I’ll be holding those prints in my hands.  But I never want a trip to Paris to end, so this is just one way I can continue to prolong this most recent adventure!

Workshop: The Signature Atelier by Abby Grace & Katherine Bignon

Dress: Katherine Bignon

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