August 1, 2017

Pulling Out the “Real Camera”

You may (or may not!) have noticed that there haven’t been that many posts about Isabella.  There have been plenty of Instagram posts about her, but as far as bringing out the DSLR, editing and posting those photos, let’s just say there are many photos hanging out waiting to be edited.  There are also plenty of times that the “real camera”, as opposed to my iPhone, stays tucked away because I know the ones on my DSLR may not be edited for a long time to come.

But my phone has been on the fritz… so much so that after all the photos I’d taken with my phone since July 9 have disappeared.  The guy at the Apple Store (that I waited at the mall for over 3.5 hours to see yesterday) said he’s very certain they’re still in there but there’s something wrong with the app itself so they aren’t showing up.

I’ll save you from all of the details of what’s going on and get right to the point… I’ll be pulling my DSLR out a bit more from now on.  And I’ll also be making use of iCloud and purchasing extra storage as soon as this ordeal with my phone is resolved :-)

I haven’t done any monthly posts of Isa (poor second child!) so here are a couple to catch you up and to see how much she’s grown! She was also still dealing with a bit of jaundice at a month old, which is why she looks so tan in that photo :-)


This was her 3 month (in the same dress Catherine wore for her 3 month!).


And this adorable little surprise face was from her 5 month shoot!  I seriously can’t get enough of her!



Most of you know that Ben’s parents have been missionaries in Paraguay for almost 4 decades.  They brought this dress home for Catherine earlier this year and I finally got a photo of her wearing it.  It’s so adorable and perfect for summer.  I’m also really excited that Isa will get to wear it in a couple of years too!


And since we always need those photos of us just being at home and doing nothing in particular…

AtHome-blog-102 AtHome-blog-103

Catherine was actually (sort of) helping me taking this photo.  Her hands are still a bit small for the camera, but she’ll get it!


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