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September 17, 2020

Retta Joy | At-Home Newborn Session

Back in February, Laura asked me what I was doing in September and while NO ONE could have remotely guessed what any of us would actually be doing 7 months later, I was still thrilled beyond belief that Laura and Anderson would be welcoming a baby girl to their sweet family!

Since visitors are still not allowed into hospitals, I had to wait until her newborn session to meet her… but Retta was as squishy and adorable as could be!  She’s still not so sure about her two older brothers, but from what I’ve heard, they are really happy she’s here :-)

Retta is the first of her three siblings whose birth I wasn’t able to photograph (or snuggle) and while I’ve adored getting to meet all of these sweet babies… it’s really difficult not being able to hold them!  So, my instructions for each of my friends and clients with new little ones is to give them extra hugs from me.  And hopefully, I won’t have to wait until they’re teenagers to be able to hug them!

If you’d like a trip down memory lane, you can see her oldest brother’s birth story HERE and you can see that wild red head’s birth story HERE!

The curled up newborn snuggle will always be a favorite…

Oh my goodness… I just can’t with these three!!

For more information on freezing these moments of the early days with your baby, visit the website HERE.

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