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November 13, 2017

Rudy Charles | Greenville Birth Photographer | Patewood Memorial

Photographing two births within a couple of weeks of each other only has me itching to photograph more!  I’ve said it so many times, but birth photography was never on my radar.  But after photographing 17 births in 4 different states over the last several years, it’s safe to say that God’s plans for my business has always been better than my own!

Anderson and Laura were scheduled for a c-section with their second baby boy if she didn’t go into labor on her own.  So I kept my phone turned on each night just in case that happened!  And while she was having some contractions the day before, Rudy decided (unlike my own second born) that he wanted to come on his scheduled date :-)

I pulled into the Patewood Memorial parking lot just before 7am on a chilly November morning.  This was my first time photographing a birth here and I hope it’s not my last.  The doctor (who is one of my own doctors!) and all of the nurses were so kind and welcoming and even in the midst of doing their own jobs, offered to help anyway they could so I could do mine!  I’ve been so blessed to have had incredible experiences with the medical staff at each birth I’ve been a part of, but when people go above and beyond for you, you take notice… and it’s so appreciated.

Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-101 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-102 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-103

I still remember Laura texting me when I was just getting started in photography to ask if I would take hers and Anderson’s engagement photos.  And they wanted to pay me!  I couldn’t believe it, but was so excited.  They asked someone else to photograph their wedding because of how new I was, but I was actually super thankful because I didn’t have a clue what to do for a wedding day.  And their wedding photos are beautiful.  I would NOT have been able to do them justice back then.

Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-104 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-105 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-106 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-107 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-108 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-109 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-110

I don’t think any of us will forget the squeals of the nurses when the doctor cleaned off Rudy’s head and saw that he did in fact have red hair like his daddy!

Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-111 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-112 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-113 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-114 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-115 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-116 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-117 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-118 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-119

I rarely post color photos from births, but red hair is definitely a reason to post some color photos!


Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-121 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-122 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-123 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-124 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-125

He kept wriggling that hand out to say hi.

Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-126 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-127 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-128

This is by far a favorite.
It’s so incredible watching my friends become parents. Even the second time around.

Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-129 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-130 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-131 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-132 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-133 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-134 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-135 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-136 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-137 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-138 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-139 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-140 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-141 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-142 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-143 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-144 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-145 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-146 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-147 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-148 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-149 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-150

There were three VERY excited grandparents in the room!

Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-151 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-152 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-153 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-154 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-155 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-156 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-157 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-158 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-159 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-160 Greenville-birth-photography-patewood-161

Happy birthday, baby boy.  I’m so glad I was able to meet you during your first moments of life!


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