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November 16, 2017

The Past Couple of Months

Did y’all realize that Thanksgiving is next week?  NEXT.WEEK.  And then it’s Christmas – which I love!  Especially since Catherine is already pointing out “Chrwismas Twees”.  It’s so stinking cute.

As you know, I have NOT been posting monthly photos of Isa each month.  I’m lucky to get her one main photo each month, but I’m trying to get a little better at pulling out my DSLR a little more often.  The intimidating thing is that I still have photos from the hospital and Catherine’s 2nd birthday (which were both back in February) that I haven’t touched… such is the curse of being a photographer for a living :-)

So here’s a little update with a couple things we’ve been up to:

Isa turned 8 months and really started sitting up on her own!  She hasn’t begun crawling yet, but she ROLLS to get where she wants to go.  It’s hilarious!


For you photographers out there reading this post, the above photo was taken using flash and the one below was with natural light.  I usually take her official monthly photo with a flash because the light is never consistent with her nap times and mood (or maybe it’s the other way around, ha!).  And then if the stars are aligned, I’ll turn the flash off and get some other photos with natural light.


Oh my gosh, this girl already knows how to pose and work the camera.

Fall2017-blog-103 Fall2017-blog-104

Catherine loves getting into either of their beds with her sister.  It’s super cute.

Fall2017-blog-105 Fall2017-blog-106

She’ll start on the blanket and end up on the other side of the room before we know it.  And she’s so proud of herself too!

Fall2017-blog-107 Fall2017-blog-108

At this age, Halloween is more for me than them (Ben could take it or leave it) so our two little Minnies got a few photos and went to a small party with us.  Catherine may have had A piece of candy… maybe two :-)  But I mainly wanted the photos!



The other reason I had kids is so I could have an excuse to do things like apple picking and visiting pumpkin patches.
It’s just even better when friends can go with us!


I’m also pretty sure Catherine and Isa traded personalities for a minute in this photo… my usual smiley baby looks so quizzical!

Fall2017-blog-112 Fall2017-blog-113 Fall2017-blog-114

Isa is so unsteady on her feet still but she’s working on it.  She also looks way too big when she’s on her feet!

Fall2017-blog-115 Fall2017-blog-116 Fall2017-blog-117

Pumpkins, fallen leaves, orange & purple clothes with a Clemson bow.  Clearly we love fall around here.


And just like that, Isa turned 9 months old.  She also waited until now to start getting her teeth and her four front ones are all coming in at the same time!  Even when I was pregnant with her, she was an all or nothing kind of girl… if I was nauseous, it came fast and fierce!  Or, I was just fine.  It was crazy.


Also, Miss Flexible is already prepping for the Clemson cheerleading squad.

Fall2017-blog-120 Fall2017-blog-121

  1. Diane Bilbrey says:

    I really love the pictures, so hard to capture the right moments, but you did! Your girls are adorable.

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