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Monday Musings

November 20, 2017

Monday Musings | Me and My Girls

One thing I’m so thankful for is that Ben was willing to learn how to use my DSLR back when we were dating.  It’s allowed me to get in front of the camera, especially since our girls have been born.

And I wanted so much to have some of US with these trees in our yard!  I still can’t get over how bright and beautiful the leaves have been this fall.  And now I won’t forget because Ben captured these of us… and how silly these two little girls are.


Isa goes between being in awe of her big sister and not knowing what to think of her and her craziness!

fall2017-102 fall2017-103 fall2017-104 fall2017-105 fall2017-106 fall2017-107 fall2017-108 fall2017-109

Oh Isa… I wish we knew what was going through your head!

fall2017-110 fall2017-111

Happy Thanksgiving week, my friends!!

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