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November 9, 2017

2017 Fall Mini Sessions

Several years ago I walked away from doing family sessions on a regular basis.  I wanted to focus on weddings and eventually added birth photography into the mix.  And all these years later, I still LOVE both of those things!

But past clients and friends kept asking me about family sessions or mini-sessions so this past spring I gave it a whirl… and I kind of love them :-)  It’s so fun getting to see these families grow and watch the kids laugh as mom and dad surprise them with a bear hug or the tickle monster!

And these mini-sessions are perfect for me and the way God has wired me.  So, these quick 20 minute sessions that I offer twice a year will be here to stay!  Thank you for trusting me, you guys.  2017 was a good year to test out these mini-sessions and it will be fun to do them again in 2018!

fall-mini-sessions-101 fall-mini-sessions-102

I always pull mom and dad aside for some photos of just the two of them.

fall-mini-sessions-103 fall-mini-sessions-104 fall-mini-sessions-105

In Matt and Christy’s case, they hadn’t had formal photos taken since their wedding :-)

fall-mini-sessions-106 fall-mini-sessions-107 fall-mini-sessions-108

I’ve lost count as to how many times these two have been in front of my camera, but I STILL pull them aside for photos of the two of them.

fall-mini-sessions-109 fall-mini-sessions-110 fall-mini-sessions-111

Same goes for these two… Natalie was my college roommate so you KNOW they’ve done all of this before.  But they also know how important it is to pour into their marriage and each other.  And I’m glad to help freeze some of these moments with photos.

fall-mini-sessions-112 fall-mini-sessions-113 fall-mini-sessions-114

Oh my gosh, you guys!  Brett said they hadn’t had photos of the two of them (minus maternity photos) since their wedding. Again, so excited I could help out with that!  Plus… would you look at the colors of the trees behind them?  So in love with this photo.


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