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April 29, 2013

StickyGram | Instagram Magnets!

Who doesn’t love Instagram?  C’mon… even if you don’t use it, surely you’ve heard of it!  Still no?  Well, I’m super excited to introduce you to it then!!  I think I read somewhere once that it’s a “quirky way to share photos”.  You take a picture on your phone (or inside of Instagram itself), apply a fun filter, add a boarder, type in a caption (maybe with a hashtag or two), and share!  They’re square photos which makes them even better… it just adds to the quirkiness, I guess.  And I love squares – my business cards are square, my engagement ring is square cut, my house is essentially a square (ok, that’s a stretch, but I felt I needed 3 things for that list!).

And if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can now sign up for an account online (not just through the app!) and stay in the loop!  Sometimes I post my photos to Facebook, sometimes I only post them to Twitter… but sometimes I get crazy and only post them on Instagram itself.  Some people may not care all that much about following me everywhere, but I know at least my mom likes my pictures and likes to keep up with what we have going on so if this is only for her benefit, then that’s awesome.  I’ll win extra “favorite child” points ;-)

ANYWAY – I love Instagram. Obvs.  So when a friend posted in her Instagram feed about this adorable little square magnets she’d had made of her Instagram photos, I knew I wanted in!  Let me introduce you to StickyGram!  And really?  It’s as simple as following them inside of Instagram, clicking on the link in their profile and ordering a sheet of 9 magnets straight from your phone.  I think I fell in love as soon as I clicked on the link in their profile!  So, of course I ordered 2 sheets straightaway (they’re based in London so that word seemed appropriate!).  They’re only $14.99 per sheet and they ship for free worldwide!  Bonus!

How to print Instagram photos

And the best part of all of this??  They gave me a code for $2 off your very first order.  And if YOU order with that code, they also give ME $2 off my next order!  So, friends… when you place your order today (because really, why would you wait??), use code FRIENDLVT5 to save a couple of bucks.  Then, when they come in, share the photo on Instagram.  It’s only fair to take them back to where it all began, right?

Happy Monday, everyone!


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