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Fabulous Friday

April 26, 2013

Fabulous Friday | Balance

Ben was out of town most of this week for a work trip, which was a little different since it’s usually me that’s travelled for things since we’ve been married.  So, I got a little taste of what he goes through when I’m out of town!  And let me just say… I am SOOOOO glad he’s back!  For SOOOOO many reasons!  And y’all know that one of those is because of his cooking :-)  When left to my own devices, it tends to be no where near as pretty (or yummy).  Please observe exhibit A below.  Granted, this was my first ever attempt at blackened salmon, but I still gave the word “blackened” an entirely new meaning.  I think my salmon that night was “Blacker Salmon”.  And it came with a kitchen full of smoke leaving me stuck below the smoke alarm fanning it so it wouldn’t continue to go off.  It was also unfortunate that the back door that I needed to leave open in order to air the kitchen out is right next to the smoke detector.  Sheesh.

It’s a miracle I made it through the week without starving!  Kidding.  Slightly.  Before he left Monday morning, we made “fried” chicken nuggets and lets just say I ate on those for SEVERAL meals this week :-)  Thank you, baby!

But this post is more than about food.  I realized while Ben was out of town that my schedule got off – like WAY off.  Some of it had to do with some sessions I wanted to finish editing before my last April wedding today (which may have caused me to be up until 2am one day this week… maybe), but some of it had to do with Ben helping me keep balance in life and in what I do on a daily basis.

Here’s my “normal” schedule:

7:00am    Out of bed
7:30am    Breakfast (& a good time to read, but I don’t always)
8:00am   Posting blog post if I didn’t schedule it the day before
8:30am    Social media to get word about blog post out there
9:00am    Crossfit or get ready for the day
10:00am  Get ready after workout or work on emails
noon         Lunch (sometimes it’s later if I get caught up in work!)
1:30pm     Editing/Planning blog posts/taking care of clients/etc.
5:00pm    Start to wrap up work
6:00pm    Crossfit (with Ben if I didn’t go in the morning) or maybe a photo session

As I said, this is my general schedule but it’s not always the same as it depends on what season we’re in, what I have going on that  week, etc.  But I love it!  I love the unknowns that can pop up from time to time.  Granted, I like them to be on my schedule so it’s not so much an unknown as it might be “something different” :-)

There are so many reasons I’ve wanted to own my own business, one of which includes being able to work in my PJs… which I did once or twice this week.  But, it also allows me flexibility that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  Now don’t get me wrong.  The two main jobs I’ve had since graduating from college have been so amazing about life balance that if something came up that needed to be taken care of, they were more than willing to let me go and do what needed to be done.  But I honestly think that mindset is what has helped me be so intentional about my schedule and not letting my business run me!  I own a business so that I can choose what to do… not the other way around.  And I figure that if I’m intentional about that now – about taking time off, about being done with work when Ben comes home so we can be together, etc. – then I’ll already be in that groove when children come (not any time soon).

This life isn’t about booking the most weddings, making the most money, travelling to the most countries, having the best car, or eating the best food.  Those things in moderation are wonderful.  But it’s the time with friends and family that I value and treasure the most.  So as I (we, since it’s Ben’s too!) run this business, know that it’s not running me. I ADORE my clients, but when my family comes first, I’m able to get rest and reenergize so that come the next morning, I’m rested and able to serve my clients even better.

So, all of that said, my challenge for you this weekend is to figure out what your focus is on… is it on temporary things that won’t last?  Or is it on eternal things that will have lasting effects?

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