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September 9, 2013

Leigh + Phillip | Rock Hill Proposal

Phillip contacted me just over 2 months ago about capturing the moment of when he would propose to Leigh.  I believe my reply email began with something like YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  with maybe a few more exclamation points.  I love stuff like this!!

Saturday began as any other day.  Ben and I got up, went to Crossfit, came home to eat brunch and watch Game Day and get ready for the trip to Rock Hill.  It wasn’t until we were about 15 minutes away that I could feel the knots forming in my stomach.  What if we don’t have good enough hiding places?  What if we actually miss him going down on one knee?  What if she sees us???

And this is the point where I’m reminded again and again of what an amazing man Ben is.  Not only does he make me laugh, but he reassures me that it will be fine!  We got to the park about 40 minutes early (you can never be sure with traffic when you’re driving 2 hours away!) and had plenty of time to scope things out.  And plenty of time for the knots to really solidify in my stomach!  But Phillip had sent us a video last week of the park and where exactly he would pop the question so we felt really good about our hiding spots and how everything would go down.  Phillip has been planning this thing out for months so surely he’ll be JUST where he says he’s going to be.

And other than a little dog spotting Ben and barking her head off at him just before Phillip and Leigh walked down the steps, things did go just as Phillip had planned.  His ruse was that his company was having a fundraiser so she would need to dress up.  And since they live a couple of hours apart from each other, they spent some time in the park before heading over.  And as they came down the steps and were looking around, Phillip pulled her close and told her how much he loved her.  As he bent to one knee and pulled the ring out of his pocked he asked Leigh to be his wife.  And she said yes!

And finally we could come out of hiding!

After introducing ourselves to her, we had time for an impromptu mini engagement session.

And this park? It’s called Glencairn Gardens and it’s where we did wedding party photos of the first wedding Ben ever shot with me!

And it was just as gorgeous as it was over 2 years ago!

And we were all super thankful there was no rain in sight!


Love this one!  Laughter is the best.

And the ring!  It’s SO sparkly!

At 5pm, we told Leigh and Phillip we had to leave to head home.  Gave them our best and said goodbye.
Phillip was then going to take Leigh by the “fundraiser” for a few minutes before they met their parents for dinner, so he suggested they wait to call anyone until after dinner.
Sneaky, sneaky…
Of course, Phillip had planned for the “fundraiser” to actually be an engagement party!

His friend Erica helped with planning and setting up and decorating and she did an AMAZING job!

They even had several tvs with all of the football games on!
Now if I can just convince Ben we need this at our house…

Surprise again!

The parents were right outside the elevator waiting to get the first hugs and glimpses of the ring!

There’s Erica!  Party planner extraordinaire!

Phillip’s office building is a renovated old Cotton Mill so he took us up to one of the most amazing rooms in the building…

Congrats again, you guys!!  We’re so excited for this next step and all that God has in store for you!

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