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Fabulous Friday

September 6, 2013

Fabulous Friday | 110Creations

Back in 2008 I started a free blog for Photographs by Sabrina so I’d have a place online to post photos that I’d been taking.  It was a simple blogspot with no frills, fancy whistles, or sparkles.  But it was a place to call my own.  And I love looking back thinking of how that grew, how my business grew, and how things eventually became what they are now.  And I’m looking forward to more growth in the future!

But what still blows me away is when friends or people I meet tell me that they read the blog!  And some of you almost every day!  Because in my mind, my mom is still the only one that reads and comments (thanks mom… you’re the best!).  So when a friend texted me last week saying she had something for me because of something she was inspired to do from a blog post, it made my heart full.

Many days this blog is still used for the same reason it was back in 2008… to have a place to show my most recent work.  But some days, it’s a place to document what’s going on in our lives.  Some days it’s a place for me to help educate and explain things about the wedding and photography industry (which hopefully helps you see into my photo world a bit and hopefully helps new photographers too!).  And some days it’s a place for me to pour my heart out.  And some days, it’s just a place to be goofy because it never hurts to laugh!  So it seems that when I posted about not being very crafty (but took a stab at it anyway!), my friend Melissa took notice.  Why?  Because she IS crafty!!

So when we came home from the cabin on Monday, this amazingly awesome Clemson wreath was on our door!
(please ignore all of the weeds… they have yet to remove themselves from our flower beds)

Don’t you love it??  Yes, we’re in the south, so everything has to be monogrammed!

And the fact that Melissa is a die-hard Georgia fan and my team had just beat her team and she STILL brought this by says a lot!

But don’t worry, non-Clemson fans, she does way more with her craftiness than orange and purple.

And because she’s so crafty and wants to spread the love, she’s offering a 10% discount on all orders from her Etsy shop, 110Creations, to those who read the blog!  So hop over to 110Creations and place an order with the code SABRINA1 for the discount!

Happy Friday!

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