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Andersen Rhett | Fresh48 | St. Francis

When one of my past wedding couples sends me a message that they’re having a baby and want me to be a part of it, my heart flutters & I put them on my calendar!  Destiny contacted me several months ago about their sweet miracle baby and said they would love for me to come […]

July 23, 2019


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Lillian Edith | Fresh48 | St. Francis

When Lee first contacted me back in the fall and said they were having their second baby in January, I was thrilled!!  Lee was one of the girls that lived across the courtyard from us our sophomore year in college and while I don’t get to see her super often, I knew that with this […]

January 23, 2019


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Isabelle Marie | Fresh48 | St. Francis

Liz and her husband were at the hospital and labor was progressing slowly.  I was on standby at home, bags packed and ready to go and checking in every few hours to see how things were going and how Liz was doing. However, the short of it is that sweet Isabelle didn’t seem to be […]

November 14, 2018


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Charles David | Fresh48 | St. Francis Eastside

I first met Katie and Buck through serving in student ministry at our church with high school students.  And after traveling to Peru with them and a couple dozen of said high school students, I quickly realized they were some of my favorite people to be around.  They’re low-key, down to earth, have a gift […]

June 13, 2017


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Hudson MacGregor | Greenville, SC Birth Photographer | St. Francis Eastside

This has been a year of boys for sure.  Most of Catherine’s little friends (well, my friends that have babies around Catherine’s age) are boys.  And the 4 new babies I’ve had the joy of photographing this year have all been boys too! But regardless of their gender, tiny babies are probably the sweetest things […]

December 9, 2015


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