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August 6, 2020

Taylor + Taylor | A Black Balsam Knob Engagement Session

Yes, you’re reading that right… these two have the same name!  And they are taking full advantage! #TeamTaylor all the way!

But just to keep things a tad easier, we’re going to call him by his last name, Mills.  And now that we have that clarified, I get to share with you a piece of their incredible story!

They met at work and for a while, they truly were just friends.  But as time passed and Taylor saw how kind and genuine Mills was with everyone he came in contact with, she couldn’t help but find that her feelings were shifting.  It wasn’t until he invited her to play soccer with him one day (and then asked her out for a more formal date that weekend) that she realized he felt the same!

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day 2020 (before everyone’s new normal happened).  They had made plans to go out for sushi and then visit some friends out of town for the weekend, all of which ended up being a ruse so that she would find someone to look after her dog and pack for a trip.  As they got onto the interstate – in the wrong direction for where she THOUGHT they were going – Taylor questioned Mills and he said, “Charlotte has good sushi too!”  She was definitely suspicious and asked if they were really going to see their friends afterwards at which point, he pulled off the interstate for the airport!  She thought he was just throwing her off his trail until he parked and pulled their suitcases out of the trunk.  Imagine how much more shocked she was when he said they were going to New York City!

I’ll let Taylor finish telling the story…

At this point, I still thought we were going to get sushi for dinner. Instead, we were dropped off at Central Park and started walking into the park. I should note that it was 17ºF in NYC at this point. After just a minute or two of walking, I saw a blanket with candles and rose petals ahead and I realized what was happening. After a few VERY cold minutes – even more for Taylor because he forgot his gloves in the car – we were engaged! We took a few pictures and then I realized Taylor had a camera set up so we had it all recorded. We went to celebrate at Sky Lark and then headed back to the hotel. I thought this was the end of the surprise, but when he dropped me off at my room, he knocked. I was extremely confused when our friends answered the door because I was so tired and it was so unexpected that I didn’t even recognize them at first! It turns out, they were the ones who set everything up, brought a coat, gloves, etc for me, and they were there to celebrate that weekend with us. It was truly a weekend I will never forget.

It’s one I won’t soon forget either!  After knowing Taylor for about 10 years and praying with her for her husband, I’m B E Y O N D thrilled for both of them!  Meeting Mills and seeing Taylor so happy has been a highlight of my year.  We had to reschedule their engagement session several times (#2020), but we were all so excited to finally meet on top of the mountains in North Carolina for some of the MOST beautiful engagement photos!

These two are definitely adventurers at heart and spend as much time as they can outside, so the top of a mountain was perfect for them.  We had lots of clouds, a few minutes of that beautiful golden hour and then we wrapped up their session at twilight on the side of the mountain.  And it was all perfect.

Enjoy MANY of my favorites and be on the lookout for these two again after their wedding in September!!

I told them that if all career options completely fell through that modeling should be at the top of their lists…

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