July 21, 2020

Welcome Home Baby | Carson Alan

When Rebecca and Wilson first contacted me about photographing the birth of their baby, I was BEYOND thrilled for them!  After knowing Rebecca for several years and after they lost their first sweet babe to miscarriage in 2017, it was a joy filled email to receive that they’d be welcoming a baby in the summer of 2020!

Obviously, what none of us expected was for a global pandemic to keep all visitors out of the hospital, which meant I wouldn’t be able to capture the birth of their son.  What I was thrilled to be able to do though was to meet them at their house as they brought baby Carson home for the first time!  Not only did we get some Welcome Home Baby photos, but we were also able to capture Wilson’s mom and brother meeting him for the first time!

This pandemic has thrown everyone for a loop.  EVERYONE.  And so I’m beyond thrilled to still be capturing some very sweet memories for those entering a new beginning with a new little one at home.

If you would like to book a Welcome Home Baby Session, or gift this session to someone you know,
please visit the website HERE for more information!

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