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November 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday | Our Brides & Grooms

2014 has been quite the year… more so in our personal lives than in business, but when you work for yourself, the two can sometimes blend into each other.  But when you get to work with the couples we’ve been able to meet and work with this year, they don’t actually make it feel like work at all.  In fact, when you find yourself crying tears of joy with them on their wedding day, letting them hug you to comfort you over the unexpected journey of trying to grow a family, and crying more tears of joy when telling them the news of this sweet baby girl, these couples became far more than just clients.

Wedding days are so personal to each couple and having the chance to get to know them as more than just “another bride and groom” has been my most favorite part of my job.  And this year I wanted to capture us WITH them!  It started out as someone else taking a photo for us at David and Kristen’s wedding in January, but it quickly turned into a selfie with the four of us crammed into an iPhone frame!  The hashtag #SabrinaWeddingSelfie was born and it’s become one of my favorite photos from each of our weddings!  There were a couple that Ben wasn’t able to shoot with me, but of those, I only forgot to get this shot once.  So, for the year we’ve had and ended up with pregnancy brain (which is a real thing!!), only forgetting to get one wasn’t so bad!


I’ll be taking the rest of the week off, but I couldn’t let today pass without saying thank you to the people who have made this year as wedding photographers the best we’ve had yet!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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