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Thankful Thursday

November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday | Upgrades With Technology

Ok, so the title of this post could probably be better… but as I get ready to join my Clemson girls (aka Clemsongang) in Clemson for the Ga Tech game tonight (down with the bumble bees!) my mind went to the last game we all went to together as college students.

In the fall of 2001, I was living and working in Atlanta at Delta Airlines in my last rotation as a co-op.  But, I was still coming back to Clemson on the weekends for the football games (of course!).  But that September, after the two towers fell to the ground in NYC, all collegiate games were postponed that weekend.  So, those particular games were then made up at the end of the season in December.  So, all of these photos are from December of 2001… back in the day when not many people had digital cameras, but you COULD have your photos put onto a CD for a nominal fee when you had your roll of film developed.  The funny part about all of this is not just how awful the quality of these photos are (I promise the prints don’t look quite this bad), but how I relied on Eckerd (you remember the drug store?) to develop all of my photos!  Now a days I’m threatening gently reminding my clients to not have their images printed anywhere that you can buy food or drugs.  But trust me, this was way before I knew better.  And it was way before I knew things like photography communities existed!  So, we’ll just say that I was blissfully ignorant and just happy that I could not just have my photos in my hand in 1 hour, but I could have them on a CD too!

I am SO THANKFUL that technology has improved as much as it has.  Even if I decided to randomly purchase a disposable camera or I’m able to find a battery to go into my Nikon N50 and shoot a roll of film, the scans of those images are going to be FAR better than the ones below.  I’m not (fully) blaming Eckerd because I know their own technology was limited.  So, we’ll just leave it as a big huge thanks to all those out there who are continually trying to find ways to make our lives a bit easier :-)

So, enjoy a little #tbt with me and feel free to judge the “blonde highlights” that I thought looked so great.  ha!

This was in ATL with Stephanie on the right (another co-op) and Holly (our friend Dan’s girlfriend).  I’m pretty sure it was one of our trivia nights that we always went to!

Oh girls, don’t hate me for posting this.  I love this photo because ALL of us are in it!
I’m just really thankful that time has been GOOD to us!

This photo gets me so pumped up for tonight’s game!!

Anyone remember Woody Dantzler??  His name was only said one bajillion times when he played, “Woody Dantzler on the quarterback keeper!”  The boy could PLAY some football!

The FCA block of tickets was in the west end zone that game… before it was turned into The West End Zone.

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