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October 11, 2016

The End of my 2016 Wedding Season!

It seems CRAZY to say that I’m done with weddings for 2016… most photographers are ramping up for their fall wedding lineup and I’m just wrapping up my last wedding of the year.  It’s not how I planned for things to happen, but each year is so different with how and when weddings fall that some days I just have to laugh!  At the beginning of the year, I was hoping the lack of fall weddings meant that we’d be having a baby in late October or early November.  Except that I tend to forget how God’s plans are generally very different from my plans :-)

I’m still not completely sure why I’m finished with weddings so early this year except that it’s freeing me up to do a few things I may not otherwise have been able to do.

  • Ben and I get to leave the country for our 5 year anniversary!  We did actually have a handful of inquiries for November 5 weddings, but since it’s our anniversary (and our 5th one at that!), we decided to not take any weddings that day.  And then the opportunity arose for us to travel to Paris again… which may not have happened if we’d not decided to NOT work on our anniversary this year!
  • I’ve booked a birth for November and another for December (or early January… their due date is December 31 so we’ll see when he decides to come!), which I may not have done if I’d had weddings those months.  This also means (if this NYE baby comes in December) that I’ll have shot 7 births this year!  How amazingly wonderful is that?!?  #ilovemyjob
  • Our weekends between now and Thanksgiving are full with family and friend things (and maybe 2 work/family things) :-)

All of that said, here’s a quick reminder that my Anniversary Mini-Sessions are coming up a week from Saturday!  I have THREE spots left, so check out all the details HERE!

I also have ONE spot left for a session in Paris the first week of November (anniversary, engagement, bridal, wedding, proposal… I’m up for any of these!).  So if you will happen to be there or know someone who will, check out this post HERE and email me for more details!

And because I’m editing Kayla and Nick’s wedding and DYING over these florals by Kayla’s grandmother…
I’ll leave this photo here for you guys today!


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