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June 30, 2014

The New Mrs. | The Farm at Rabon Creek Bridal Portraits

Katie and David’s wedding this past weekend was SO much fun and SO beautiful!  And I’m beyond excited to share her bridal portraits with you!!  The worst part about shooting bridals is having to sit on them until after the wedding… it’s always so much fun to hang out with my brides, to get a peek at just how gorgeous they’re going to be on their wedding day, and to meet her friends and/or family she brings with her to help with things!  I love it!

Tomorrow’s blog will be full of Katie and David’s first day as husband and wife, but today is Katie’s day on the blog.  Even though we go to the same church, Katie and I attend different campuses, so the first time I met her in February was to talk about her wedding.  Since then, it’s been a whirlwind but I’ve gotten to see her so much in the past month and I told her the week before their wedding that I was going to go through Katie withdrawls!  As you can see in her photos, she is not just beautiful, she’s so fun and loves to laugh!  She’s caring and thoughtful and loves those around her so well.

Enjoy my favorites from her bridal session and come back tomorrow to relive their wedding day with me!


Those flowers?  Just a quick bouquet her aunt threw together with flowers from Katie’s grandmother’s garden!!

Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-102 Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-103 Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-104

Katie, you are SO beautiful!!


I’m slightly biased (since my dress was similar), but I LOVE that lace dresses are in style right now.

Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-106 Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-107

She has the best laugh…


Their reception was at the farm, so we headed over there to finish up her portraits before sunset.

Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-109 Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-110 Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-111

I’m such a detail girl… and I L-O-V-E this one!!

Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-112 Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-113

The light, this bride, her smile… just gorgeous!


She has an amazing smile, but she pulls off the model face really well too!

Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-115 Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-116

The one on the right is what she chose for her portrait… I love it!


Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-118 Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-119 Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-120 Southern-Farm-Bridal-Photos-121

  1. Cassie says:

    LOVE this woman so much!! My husband and I go to Grace also and I met Katie through an Ezer group. Your photos are perfection and capture her beauty so well!!! can’t wait to see the post tomorrow :)

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