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October 22, 2015

The Season I’m In

This month has been packed.  So much so that yesterday morning was the first time I’ve been at crossfit this month.

The joke on social media is that October is to photographers what April is to accountants.  It’s just B U S Y.  But it’s no wonder because 1) October means it’s really fall 2) the temperatures are finally dropping and 3) it’s the best month of the year (birthday month anyone??).  And I’m grateful to be busy with something I love to do!

However, I’ve realized that I’ve been letting it get to me and I haven’t been trusting God with much (if any) of all of the things that are happening.  So I’m in a state of constantly reminding myself of who He is and what His promises are.  Because in the midst of beautiful engagement sessions, gorgeous weddings, and the most lovely brides, I also have an amazingly wonderful baby girl at home with me.

But what I’m learning is that I’ve not walked through a truly busy season as a “work at home mom” before.  So my learning curve is huge right now.  And once again, I’m having to give myself grace because the main times I truly am able to work are when the baby is sleeping.  The times I try and work when she’s awake end up being times that I have to undo anything that’s been done because she’s tried so hard to “help”!

And I need to say thank you to my incredibly wonderful clients because they have been 1000% understanding when I can’t return calls or emails as quickly as I used to.  They’ve been showing me amazing amounts of grace and I need to take a lesson from them to show myself that same grace.

So, in light of that, the beautiful wedding that comes with these gorgeous flowers will be on the blog tomorrow instead of today.  And truly, I can’t wait to show you how lovely Hannah and Wes’s day was!


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