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October 20, 2015

Chelsea + Kyle | An Asheville Adventure Engagement Session

These two are no strangers to adventure… they met on the zip line at a Young Life camp where he was working.  She went down the zip line but was too short to make it to the end on her own so he went to rescue her.

It took them a while after that to go on their first date but ever since, adventure has been a part of their story.  Since they’ve been long distance most of their relationship, Kyle would plan a surprise date once a month.  Chelsea would always try and guess what the date would be, but the truth is, she didn’t really want to know because she actually likes the surprises.

So when it came time for Kyle to ask Chelsea to marry him, one of his “surprise dates” didn’t phase her.  But this particular time, he went all out and made it an all day event… one that included her favorite place (Clemson), her favorite flowers (sunflowers), her favorite drink (strawberry sweet tea), her favorite thing to do (hiking), and well, you get the idea.  After hiking, going for chips and salsa and margaritas (their favorite post-hiking snack) and walking around Clemson in a crazy storm, Kyle took her to the brick gazebo on campus where a friend had arranged so many sunflowers and plenty of strawberry sweet tea!

At this point, she knew what was happening.  Their forever adventure was about to begin.

I’m SO thrilled to be getting to know these two.  They point each other towards Christ and have been so encouraging to me since the very first email they sent my way.  If you ever need a pick-me-up, just give Chelsea a call.  No lie.  She will brighten your day and make you feel like the most amazing person in the world!


Such a favorite…


And this ring!!  Kyle, it’s gorgeous!

Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-103 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-104 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-105 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-107 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-106 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-108 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-109 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-110 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-111 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-112 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-113 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-114 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-115 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-116 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-117

Hand in hand is the sweetest way to go.

Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-118 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-119

They wanted to have a little more fun before we called it a night.  And what better way than when representing your alma maters?


Sorry, Kyle.  But you know I have to side with Chelsea on this one.  Go Tigers!

Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-121 Asheville-Adventure-Engagement-Photos-122

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