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June 21, 2021

Miles | At-Home Newborn Session

The joy of capturing milestones for others over the years brings more and more warmth to my heart as the years go by.  After 12 years in this business (and with age and life experience), I’m truly realizing how much these frozen moments in time can mean as couples get married, as they have children, and their families grow.

So last December when Chelsea and Kyle’s Christmas card came in the mail and they were announcing their second baby’s arrival for this summer, I squealed and texted her immediately!! I had JUST seen them a couple of weeks earlier for some extended family photos and she said, “I wanted to tell you so badly, but we were waiting to share the news!” :-)

I would love for you to take a trip down memory lane with these two…

First, we photographed their engagement session (their full post is HERE)

Then their Christmas wedding (the full blog is HERE)

And exactly 3 years ago, we met at Chelsea’s parents house to photograph their new baby girl.
(That full post is HERE)

And just over a week ago, I was able to meet their miracle baby, Miles.  At some early appointments, Chelsea and Kyle were given some difficult news that their baby (they didn’t know until he was born that they were having a boy!) might have some health challenges.

Each appointment held some dread and they didn’t know what to expect.  All they knew was that God was in control, that He loved their baby far more than they did and that He cared about them and every aspect of their family.

As they were sharing all of this with me after the session, I was in shock because Miles is a very healthy, very happy baby!

They were preparing for a new life with lots to learn, but just before Miles was born, scans showed that every concern was gone, every measurement was as it should be and they were going to have a healthy baby.

We don’t know why God answers prayers the way He does when He does.  There’s just no way for us to understand the way He works.  But I’m always in awe!  They shared with me that Miles means merciful and it could not be more fitting for the gift of mercy God showed them.

You guys, Miles is amazing.  Your little family is amazing.  And I loved getting to see you… and hug you this time!

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