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July 20, 2021

Rowen Tyler | Greenville Newborn Photographer

I remember watching Tyler and Whitney’s first dance at their wedding (as a guest!) back in 2010 and then meeting their daughter Claire when she was an infant!  We would occasionally see each other over the years, but didn’t really reconnect until the fall of 2019 when we found ourselves in a small group together at church.

They vulnerably shared their story with us, which included the six year struggle to have another baby as well as suffering three miscarriages.  So when our group was finally able to meet in person again in the fall of 2020, they shared with us that they were pregnant and that Whitney and the baby were both healthy!  We were all overjoyed and couldn’t believe it!

Whitney and I met up for coffee one morning after school drop-off last fall to actually catch up on life without children around.  Before we left, we’d planned to do newborn photos within a week or so of their son’s birth (although I don’t think we knew it was a boy yet!).

In January, Whitney messaged our small group to say that they spent New Year’s in the hospital because at her 20 week appointment, she was already 1cm dilated, which should NOT be happening.  So, the doctors did what they could and we all prayed she wouldn’t go into preterm labor!  And thankfully, that didn’t happen.

God protected Whitney and the pregnancy and Rowen arrived full term! But their journey wasn’t quite over yet.  Within the first few hours of birth, Rowen stopped breathing and turned blue more than once and had quickly been transferred to NICU.  The doctors and nurses were unsure what was causing it, but were taking every precaution and running multiple tests.

Tests showed that Rowen’s platelets were dangerously low and seemed to drop drastically overnight. After 16 days in the NICU with three platelet transfusions and an IVIG infusion, his numbers finally began to climb. Doctors found the cause of this was because Whitney’s body had formed a very rare antibody which attacked Rowen’s platelets. Thankfully this would not be a life long thing as the antibodies would die out within several weeks.

His oxygen levels weren’t where they needed to be either so even with my extreme lack of medical knowledge, I prayed so much for God to get Rowen’s numbers where they needed to be. I was also praying for Tyler and Whitney and big sister Claire to feel His peace like never before. They were doing so much waiting and there were so many unknowns.

Over two weeks after he was born, I checked in with Whitney and they were HOME!  They still had a journey ahead of them since he came home with oxygen, but the lack of poking and prodding (and for all of them to be together under one roof) was huge!

One night, Rowen somehow managed to pull out his oxygen tube, which startled his parents!  But his numbers were good… and held steady!!  Within days, instead of weeks, he was completely off oxygen and doing amazingly well.

Their little miracle boy was surprising them day after day and I have a feeling he’ll be doing so the rest of their lives!

Rowen, you have a pretty incredible family.  My hope is that you learn that as you grow older and are able to see how much they continuously rely on the Lord!

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