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February 9, 2016

Tieks Review from a Wedding Photographer

One of the most frequently asked questions in my photographer’s groups is about shoes.  We’re on our feet 8-12 hours on a wedding day so shoes are kind of a big deal.  I made the mistake one time of wearing heels up until the reception of a wedding and I hurt for a week.  Thankfully I never did that again.

But the hunt is always on for shoes that not only keep our feet in tact but also look good!  Last summer I posted that I’d purchased some tieks to see how they did.  We all know that they’re cute and I kept hearing good things about them so I was really looking forward to giving them a try!

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Well, the good news is that yes, they are really cute!  And I got the black ones so they go with just about anything.  I didn’t review them the following week as I’d mentioned in my original post because the truth is that my feet still really hurt after I wore them the first time!

So I wore them for the rest of my 2015 wedding season in hopes of breaking them in before I came back to you guys with what I thought.  And while I like them, I don’t love them… even though I really want to!  For me, they’re more of a 6-hour shoe.  The problem is that I have higher arches in my feet so these shoes just don’t have as much support as I wish they did.


Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy wearing them (and it’s a bit embarrassing how much time I spend on their site looking at all the colors they have to offer!), but usually by the time we’re arriving at the reception, I’m wishing I had another pair of shoes to slip on.  So, I’ll keep wearing these and keep hoping I’ll find that sweet spot, but until then I’ll keep my eye out for a good shoe that’s cute AND offers the support wedding photographers need for a long wedding day!

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