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June 28, 2015

Turner + Ben | A Clemson Proposal

There are many things I love about my job, but being in on one of the biggest surprises a girl will ever receive is one of my favorite parts!!  So when I found out that Ben was planning to propose to Turner, I couldn’t wait!

Turner was a Rally Cat and spent so many Saturdays in Death Valley and since Ben is in the military, his plan was to bring Turner to the stadium, walk her across the street to The Scroll of Honor, and tell her that he wanted to combine their two worlds.  He then pulled a ring box out of his back pocket, bent down on one knee, and asked her to be his wife.

Even from my vantage point (where I was sure she saw me before they crossed the street!), I could easily see how surprised and excited she was!  She had no clue what Ben had been up to all week and even though her friends and family all knew, everyone was successful in keeping it a secret.

Congrats, Turner and Ben!  I am so excited for you both and all that God has planned for your future!

Clemson-proposal-engagement-101 Clemson-proposal-engagement-102 Clemson-proposal-engagement-103 Clemson-proposal-engagement-104 Clemson-proposal-engagement-105 Clemson-proposal-engagement-106 Clemson-proposal-engagement-107 Clemson-proposal-engagement-108 Clemson-proposal-engagement-109 Clemson-proposal-engagement-110 Clemson-proposal-engagement-111 Clemson-proposal-engagement-112 Clemson-proposal-engagement-113 Clemson-proposal-engagement-114

They were both giddy with excitement!


Ben, that diamond is gorgeous!

Clemson-proposal-engagement-116 Clemson-proposal-engagement-117 Clemson-proposal-engagement-119 Clemson-proposal-engagement-118 Clemson-proposal-engagement-120 Clemson-proposal-engagement-121 Clemson-proposal-engagement-122 Clemson-proposal-engagement-123 Clemson-proposal-engagement-124 Clemson-proposal-engagement-125 Clemson-proposal-engagement-126 Clemson-proposal-engagement-127 Clemson-proposal-engagement-128 Clemson-proposal-engagement-129 Clemson-proposal-engagement-130 Clemson-proposal-engagement-131 Clemson-proposal-engagement-132 Clemson-proposal-engagement-133 Clemson-proposal-engagement-134 Clemson-proposal-engagement-135 Clemson-proposal-engagement-136 Clemson-proposal-engagement-137 Clemson-proposal-engagement-138 Clemson-proposal-engagement-139 Clemson-proposal-engagement-140

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