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February 25, 2014

United 2014 | Wedding Party Shoot

We had not been here for much more than 12 hours when we were getting up and getting Ben ready to model for a shoot.  That’s just how things roll when you’re at a photography conference!  Plus, my friend Melissa Kilner was teaching it so of course I wanted to be there to support her, learn some things, and get some photos of my husband :-)  It was a win/win/win kind of morning!

She walked through how she photographs wedding parties on a wedding day because it’s actually one of her favorite things to do!  And that alone is the beauty of United… photographers sharing (freely) what they love and how they approach things.  And what made this even cooler was that by the end of the shoot (which began at 7:45am by the way), other photographers were asking questions and even sharing tips of their own!  It really is a beautiful thing when people come together and support each other instead of pushing others (some would call them their “competition”) away.  It’s so much better for this industry (or any industry!) as a whole if we focus more on sharing and giving and serving than on each other.  But that’s an entirely different post…

The best part of this morning was just how fun it was.  And watching guys be guys… oy vay!

I didn’t get a ton of shots of the bride and groom and wedding party because I was more focused on Melissa and the guys (well, my husband and our friend Chris… and Tim who was “that groomsman” who kept everyone laughing!).  But wasn’t the bride – and her bouquet?? – gorgeous?

What these guys taught me today is that boys will be boys.  And they’re hilarious.

Melissa, you did such an amazing job and it’s so obvious that you love people and that you love what you do.  Keep it up, friend!

  1. Mommy says:

    Yes I particularly loved seeing one of those young men who modeled that day! I see you are having such a great time! Sending hugs!Mommy

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