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July 11, 2013

Virginia + Patrick | Downtown Greenville Engagement, Part A

Well, as most of you who are close to Greenville, SC know, it’s been raining a good bit lately.  And when I say “a good bit”, I mean pretty much every day.  I even wrote a letter to the rain a couple of days ago to let it know it really is ok to take a break!  But, so far, no luck.  But, thankfully, I have amazing clients who 1) aren’t scared of a little rain and who 2) were willing to chance an outdoor session earlier this week!  It was later in the evening so it was already getting dark, but that moddy sky just made Virginia’s colors of her blue dress and her red hair pop even more.  These two were so amazing, so laid back, and so much fun to hang out and photograph.  We ended up having to take a coffee break in the middle of the session (which just gave us more time to hang out!) and when we took a chance to go back out, the rain held off for another 10 minutes or so.  After another short break and a few more photos, it really was getting too dark.  So… we’re working on scheduling another session!  So, think of this as Part A of their engagement session. I’m super excited about meeting up with you guys again.  Hopefully we’ll get a break in this rain soon!

Enjoy my favorites!

On their first date, Virginia and Patrick took food to Falls Park for a picnic and to people watch, so it only made sense to recreate a bit of that for their engagement session!
I love it when couples pick out a location that has meaning for them.  It makes the photos that much more meaningful!

Patrick… awesome job on her ring!

The sides are beautiful!

I love this one!

This was right before our break… you can actually see some of the raindrops in the background.

After our coffee (well, I had a chai latte), we snagged a few more photos close to the park.

The one on the left?  Favorite!

But I really love this one too…

And I don’t remember what was going on, but the obvious answer is that they think I’m hilarious :-)

Can’t wait to capture more of these two soon!

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