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June 17, 2019

Wade Elijah | Fresh48 | Patewood Medical Center

This session is extra special… about 3 years ago our neighbors, whom we loved, were selling their house and moving out west.  Ben and I immediately began to pray for the person/couple/family that would buy the house.  The way our yards were situated, we would see them all the time (more so than any other neighbors) and well, we just wanted to enjoy the people who we’d be living next to!

We loved having Abby and Jeremy next door to us and I dreaded telling them we were moving!  So much so that any time a house goes on the market in our new neighborhood, I send it over to her in hopes they’ll want to move too!

And as much as I hate not getting to see them every day (or my children running over when Abby or Jeremy get home from work to tell them ALL the things from the day), I may have been even more sad that baby Wade would be born after we moved.  Thankfully they let me come by the hospital the day after he was born so I could meet him, get some snuggles and some photos.  And of course see them too :-)

You guys, he’s just perfect and we are SO happy for you!  I was showing Isa the photos and she smiled when she saw your faces, but then said the baby was her.  Oh boy, we may have to let her and Catherine come meet him one of these days so Isa knows it’s not her that you guys are holding!

That tiny cowlick close to his forehead is everything!

Baby lips alone are enough reason to have a million more children!

Jeremy was already up to what dads do best… scaring moms from the get-go!

My film scans came in today and these two below are one of the reasons I ADORE film.  They’re beautiful and slightly imperfect captures of the real moments as they were happening.  Jeremy looking over at his wife, Abby talking with their newborn son.  They’re two of my favorite images from the entire session!

If you’re interested in birth or Fresh48 photos of your own little one,
I’d love for you to contact me through my birth website HERE.

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